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Hi, I'm Gregor Ulm. I'm a multi-paradigm computer programmer with a strong foundation in computer science.

Gregor Ulm's Bio:

Gregor Ulm is a computer programmer who is familiar with a wide range of programming languages and programming paradigms. His favorite language is Haskell, due to its powerful type system, high level of expressiveness, and strong ecosystem. At university, his favorite subjects were automata theory, functional programming, and compilers.

Programming Languages

Functional: Haskell, Erlang, ML (Standard ML), Lisp (Scheme, Racket)

Scripting: Python, Bash C family: C, C++, Java

Logic: Curry

Declarative: SQL, Regex, TeX, XML, HTML, CSS

Low-level: Java bytecode (Jasmin)



OS: Linux, Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows

SCM: Git


Functional programming, programming languages, property-based testing

Gregor Ulm's Experience:

Gregor Ulm's Education:

Gregor Ulm's Interests & Activities:

Functional programming (prefer the ML-family; I use Haskell as much as possible), exercising, Ashtanga yoga.

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